Lab newsletter archive

At home in high-dimensional space

Moonbound for nerds; AI science
April 2024

Are AI language models in hell?

Good links; a provocation
December 2023

Phase change

Protocols and plain language
March 2023

Buoyed by the flood

Nothing will be blasted in your face here
February 2023

Attention router

As easy as sticking a magnet to the fridge
January 2023

A year of new avenues

It’s 2003 again
December 2022

Specifying Spring ’83

Protocol as investigation and critique
November 2022

Notes on a genre

Bullshit and synthesizers
June 2022

The lost thread

The speed with which Twitter recedes in your mind will shock you
April 2022

Bad hosts, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the overlay network

Stymied by NAT
February 2022

Notes on Web3

Meager counterweight to the growing hype
November 2021

The slab and the permacomputer

Two directions at once
October 2021

The cutouts

Explaining a chunk of code in a Colab zine
October 2021

Ghost faves in the mystery machine

Nobody knows anything
July 2021


Always read these comments!
July 2021

Cloud study

Just a couple of notes on cloud functions
March 2021

A coat check ticket, a magic spell

Minting digital art in a weird new market
February 2021

An app can be a home-cooked meal

I made a messaging app for my family and my family only
February 2020

Expressive temperature

Documenting a machine learning technique
August 2018

Typographical tune-up

Fixing some small problems
January 2016