This mini-site will serve as companion to Moonbound, the new novel by Robin Sloan, coming from MCD×FSG in June 2024.

Premonition of a Dragon Moon

A companion website work-in-progress

My new novel, titled Moonbound, will be published this summer. You have therefore arrived a bit early. Not to worry — I’m here, too, and I’ll be adding material steadily between now and June 2024.

You can preorder a copy wherever books are sold; I’ll provide some links in due course, but, for now, I encourage you to hit up your local bookstore.

Grayed items are forthcoming.


  • Here’s the pitch
  • Pronunciation guide
  • Timeline (2024 – 13778)
  • Links to the Penumbraverse
  • The zine!



  • The making of Sakescript
  • More TK?

Notes on influence

The grand designer was mortal after all

The Lord of the Rings & J. R. R. Tolkien

Making promises

Earthsea & Ursula K. Le Guin

The great invention

His Dark Materials & Philip Pullman

Just give me a checklist

The Dark Is Rising & Susan Cooper

The ultimate vision

Nausicäa and the Valley of the Wind & Hayao Miyazaki

Discovering donegality

The Chronicles of Narnia & C. S. Lewis

Muscular imagination

The Culture & Iain M. Banks