This mini-site serves as companion to Moonbound, the new novel by Robin Sloan, coming from MCD×FSG in June 2024.

Welcome to the Dragon Moon

A companion website

Cover by the best in the biz, Na Kim

My new novel, titled Moonbound, will be published in June 2024. It’s a rollicking adventure in the tradition of C. S. Lewis and Ursula K. Le Guin, appro­priate for preco­cious 12-year-olds, voracious 80-somethings, and anyone in between.

You can preorder a copy wherever books are sold. Allow me to suggest Barnes & Noble.

The tour

June 10
Green Apple Books on the Park
San Francisco
June 12
Third Place Books
Lake Forest Park, Washington
June 13
Mrs. Dalloway’s
Berkeley, California
June 15
McIntyre’s Books
Pittsboro, North Carolina
June 17
Greenlight Bookstore
Brooklyn, New York
June 18
Magic City Books
Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 21
Copperfield’s Books
Petaluma, California
June 23
SF in SF
The American Bookbinders Museum
June 27
Mysterious Galaxy
San Diego, California


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  • The making of Sakescript
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