This mini-site serves as companion to Moonbound, the new novel by Robin Sloan, published by MCD×FSG.

Pronunciation guide

This is just how it sounds in my head

This guide is, by definition, a bit spoiler-y. I’ve concealed the pronun­ci­a­tions for each of Moonbound’s parts behind an expanding panel, so you can go part by part, if you like.

Pronunciations are listed roughly in order of appear­ance in the text.

Prologue The Anth Dragon Ensamhet Altissa Praxa
Part 1 Sauvage The Wizard Malory Cabal Madame Betelgauze Master Hectorus The Stromatolite Lord Mankeeper Humboldt
Part 2

In the Eigengrau

The Eigengrau Peter Leadenhall Travanian Kate Belcalis Altissa Praxa

The human cities

Rath Varia Rath Fortuna Rath Arena Rath Amora Rath Delecta ZHOZM Clovis Comptroller Cob Caradoc The Wizard Hughes The Wizard Agrippa The Wizard Corbel The Wizard Sake Sakescript Roos Gangleri
Part 3 Poldhu Rokeya Durga Darwin Shivelight & Shadowtackle Agassiz
Part 4 Wyrd The Wyrm of Wyrd Laurentide Morgan Samphire Garibald

The dragons

Ensamhet Usagi Barbouze Twilight Matador Sangreal Sidereal
Part 5

There’s nothing new to pronounce in this part!

First published:  May 2024
Last updated: June 2024