Rbin Slan, a fiction writer

I’m the author of the nov­els Sourdough and Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, pub­lished by MCD×FSG in the United States, Tokyo Sogensha in Japan, and oth­ers around the world. I am also … 

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I’ve pub­lished a lot of mate­r­ial across a few dif­fer­ent inter­net eras. Here’s a direc­tory of what’s avail­able on this web­site and elsewhere.


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If you’re here because you are curi­ous about my writ­ing and/or thinking, I encourage you to start with my nov­els: they are me, in a seri­ous sense. Both are avail­able wher­ever books can be pur­chased or borrowed. The audio­book edi­tions are great, too.

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