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What would a wizard read

Novel news; a review for the NYT
September 2023

A summer wind

Discovery and forthcoming
August 2023

The feeling of something waiting there for you

Featuring Ray Bradbury’s Ode to the Quick Computer
July 2023

Lit up like a sparkler

Coffee and tea, blurbs and faves
June 2023

There is a light

Launching a sci-fi concept album
May 2023

How to build a spaceship

One word: greebling
April 2023

How the ring got good

The grand designer was mortal after all
March 2023

Crossing the Sunshine Skyway

The fuel of finishing
February 2023

There’s room for everybody

A new short story; a friend’s book project; Donegality
January 2023

I’ll take all of that ya got

Midwinter selenography
December 2022

Robin’s 2022 gift guide

Familiar faces, new contenders
November 2022

Author’s note

Another new story; grisly deaths; the view from the road
November 2022

The dragon moon

New books; a new story; a newsletter renewed
October 2022


New releases; good catastrophes; an alluring and unnerving encounter
July 2022

The Suitcase Clone

A new novella of the Penumbraverse
June 2022

The plunge

Reports on various tides
May 2022

Super sweet spots

New publications, plus some links of interest
March 2022

A mirror, green and gold

Work and refreshment; a shadowed niche in space
December 2021

Robin’s 2021 gift guide

Old favorites, new treasures
November 2021

The appreciator

Sloan on Tooze on Malm
November 2021

It will think you are crunching bones

The marrow of book publishing
October 2021


Train trips, publishing guides, handmade maps
July 2021

Celebrating Alexis

Who else would you want to be the voice across the water?
May 2021

Two charms

A blockquote with death and life in it
April 2021

Cold start

Baby hummingbirds and power plants
April 2021

Here is your liberal art!

Dispatch from the fair days of spring
March 2021

Fresh from Ganymede!

I want to end this year by going back to the basics
December 2020