Amulet faq

What are the odds I’ll type something into the scratchpad and discover an amulet?

Very, very, very, VERY low! It’s much more practical to “discover” amulets with a computer program. (The examples in the scratchpad were all produced this way.)

I discovered an amulet! What do I do?

Anything you want! Save it, tweet it, put it in your email signature; write it on a piece of paper, then burn the paper; and/or simply bask in your good fortune.

How do I mint my amulet as an NFT?

This question is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of this website. Zora offers a FAQ of its own that’s worth reading, along with a detailed schematic for the technically-inclined.

You can also mint an amulet at You’ll have to connect an Ethereum wallet – which is, again, beyond the scope of this website.

Isn’t it possible to generate rare amulets easily by larding a poem with obscure Unicode characters?


Will anyone be impressed if I do this?


Who made this website?

Me, Robin!

Do you have anything to help me with the journey ahead?

Take these three common wind amulets:

  1. the wind at night has a dream

  2. the wind:
    don't ask me what it is

  3. a certain wind, to blow this back to me