How to read an e-book


The EPUB file is intended for use mainly with Apple Books on macOS and iOS.

If you’re reading on a laptop or desktop: Download the file and open it. It should launch Apple Books automatically; the book will then be available in your Apple Books library on all your other devices, too. Pretty nice!

If you’re reading on a phone or tablet: If you have a laptop or desktop, it’s probably easiest to open the file as described above and let it sync to your phone. Somewhat more cryptically, you can open the attachment in your iOS email client, choose the “send to” icon in the corner of the screen, scroll across the list of options to the ellipsis, and, from the revealed menu, choose Copy to Books. It’s almost as if… Apple doesn’t want you to do this 🤔


The mobi file is intended for use mainly with Kindle e-readers. There are two ways to get the file to your Kindle:

Email it! Amazon allows you to create a custom email address, e.g., which serves as a portal to your Kindle(s). This is a minor hassle to set up, but it is, honestly, nice to have: once established, you can email not just mobi files but also PDFs and Word documents for pleasant reading on an E Ink screen. Amazon’s instructions are here.

Drag it! If you connect your Kindle to your laptop with a USB cable, it will appear as an external hard drive, just as a little USB drive would. Open that drive and copy the mobi file into the documents folder. Easy!

An important caveat: This mobi file does not look great in the iOS Kindle app. I wouldn’t say it’s unreadable, but… it’s close. This is a known issue with mobi files distributed outside Amazon’s storefront, and while I’m determined to find a solution, I haven’t done so yet. If the iOS Kindle app is your e-reader of choice, your best bet currently is to email or copy not the mobi file, but the PDF.


It’s a PDF! You can open it on your phone, laptop, or e-reader. As always, the tradeoff with a PDF is: nice typography, no flexibility.


I’ll mention, finally, the existence of the simple, flexible web edition, which your support unlocked for the whole world. I think it might be (??) the ideal reading experience for this novella.

If you run into any problems, email me at and we will get your digital edition working!

July 2020, Oakland

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