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This is Robin Sloan’s video game development diary, sent by email every Sunday.

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This newsletter tracks the produc­tion of a narrative video game, intended for a broad audience, that takes seriously the speed and leverage of text. It will also be a demonstration, to the best of my ability, of “working in public.”

With luck, it will be worth­while for readers inter­ested in

You can find links to previous editions over on my blog.

Perils of the Overworld (its working title) is being programmed and written by me. Previously, I’ve written several novels, published an unconventional iOS app, and contributed to the award-winning game Neo Cab.

The game’s score is being composed and performed by Jesse Solomon Clark. Among many other things, Jesse has composed gener­a­tive scores for the Amazon Spheres in Seattle and the inter­ac­tive docu­men­tary Lost Cities.

Be careful out there. The overworld poses dangers that mere strength cannot overcome … 


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