A newspaper serial!?

The Reber Plan

The Reber Plan, scanned by Eric Fischer

Update: There is now a collected e-book of this serial, available to read right here!

Here, I’ll maintain a list of links to the chapters of The Strange Case of the New Golden Gate, an Annabel Scheme adventure currently being published daily in the Mercury News and the East Bay Times here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. The Woman Who Vanished

  2. Easy as ABCD

  3. The Algorithm

  4. Three Coffees

  5. The Sea Witch

  6. The Machine

  7. The Presser

  8. Entra La Lengua

  9. Shark Teeth

  10. Basilisk House

  11. The Sunken Ship

  12. The Gate Is Unveiled

  13. One of the Good Ones

  14. Alignment

  15. The End

For reference, here is some back­ground on the midcen­tury plan to fill in a swath of the bay. The coun­ter­fac­tual Bay Area of my story does not comform to the map above, but draws inspi­ra­tion from it. Maybe I should sketch my own version … 

June 2020, Oakland