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This book is about Lois Clary, a talented young programmer from Michigan who follows a job to California, only to be drawn into the weird world of food that waits there. It’s about work and eating, robots and microbes, independence and ambition,


I believe it is the first novel in English to feature, as a key supporting character, a possibly-sentient sourdough starter.

Sourdough is published in the U.S. by MCD, a new division of FSG that I’m tremendously proud to be part of. The book’s cover, with its shining alien batard, was designed by Rodrigo Corral, the best in the business.

The great Cory Doctorow praised the book for covering

so much terrain: microbial nations, assimilation and tradition, embodied consciousness and the crisis of the tech industry, all without losing the light, sweet, ironic Sloanian voice familiar from Penumbra, a plot that makes the book a page-turner and a laugh-out-louder, with sweetness and romance and tartness and irony in perfect balance.

Writing for NPR, Jason Sheehan said of Sourdough:

It is a beautiful, small, sweet, quiet book. It knows as much about the strange extremes of food as Penumbra did about the dark latitudes of the book community.

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International editions

Editions of Sourdough in languages other than English are on the way! I’ll post links here as they become available.

July 2021, Berkeley

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